Lindys Homemade Italian Ice FAQS


Due to the outpouring requests by our loyal Lindys fans we have decided to add a section dedicated to provide healthy facts and frequently asked questions about Lindys Products.

Lindy's is all about supporting a healthier world. Consumers now more than ever are seeking desserts that taste delicious, but are moderate in fat and calories…. and if they are portion controlled it's an added bonus! Our products are not only absolutely delicious, but also healthy in the making; lower in Fat & Calories. We are proud to announce we are one of the few manufacturers producing a portion controlled single serving of Italian Ice, Gelato & Sorbet conveniently packed and ready to eat. Just leave it to us. We take all the guess work out of measuring how much is too much.

1. Does your Italian ice contain milk?

Our Italian ice does not contain milk or any milk product. We do make gelato a few times a year on the same equipment used for our Italian ice. The gelato does contain milk products and some flavors contain tree nuts and peanuts as well. We follow Current Good Manufacturing Practices as defined by the FDA. A full sanitation process is completed at the end of every day.

2. Are your products gluten free?

All of Lindy’s Homemade products are gluten free based on certifications from our suppliers for each ingredient, including the flavorings.

3. Do Lindy’s Homemade products contain any other allergens.

Our Italian ice and sorbet products do contain soy. All of our gelato products contain milk. Our pistachio gelato also contains soy, tree nuts and peanuts.

4. Why can’t I get a box with 6 cups of watermelon or 6 cups of strawberry?

When our company started several years ago, our first big grocery chain requested a “combo” box. It became our best seller and has been ever since. We know many consumers like getting two flavors in a box. For those of you wanting them separate, it is something we are always considering. Changing the “combo” box would be complex, requiring changes in packaging inventory as well as agreement from our grocery customers for additional shelf space. We’ll keep working on it.

5. I want to suggest a flavor.

Please feel free to email us with any flavor suggestions you have.

6. I can’t find a certain flavor. How can I get it in my store?

Many grocery stores don’t have the shelf space to stock every flavor we make. Please ask the store manager for a product request form to fill out. Completing a formal request is the best way to make sure the information gets back to the corporate buyers for the grocery chain. You can usually email the store through their website as well. Grocery stores respond better to your direct requests. We also keep them posted of the requests we hear from you.

7. My store never has a certain flavor in stock.

If you are looking for a flavor your store normally carries, there is probably just a temporary stock issue. Most stores only get a frozen truck once a week. The best way to make sure your favorite flavor is always there is to become the person the store manager knows as the Lindy’s Lady or the Lindy’s Man. Asking about the product every time it is out of stock should eventually convince the store they need to order an extra case. If there is not a shelf tag for a product they used to carry or you have a continual issue at a specific store location, please let us know. We can follow up through the corporate buyers. For the best and quickest response, check first with the store manager or frozen foods manager.

8. How long does your product last?

As long as the product tastes good, it is fine. Frozen products do not spoil or go bad. They may lose flavor or develop ice crystals after a couple of years. We print a “best by” date on our boxes. You can use that date as a guideline and taste the product yourself. We generally consider our Italian ice and sorbet to be at its best within two years of production. For gelato, we consider it to be at its best for one year.

9. Why does your box says the cups are 6 oz, but they weigh less than that?

Ice cream and frozen novelty products are required to list volume measurements like pints or gallons on packaging. With our individual cups, the volume measurement is a 6 fluid oz cup. That means the cup will hold 6 oz of water/fluid. All of our products are made by churning air into them so they will not weigh 6 oz, but the cup should appear full. The air that is churned into the product, creating its texture, makes it weigh less than 6 oz. The product should take up the volume or space of a 6 fluid oz cup. The opposite would be a 6 fluid oz cup of oil which would weigh more than 6 oz.

10. Is your product kosher?

We are currently working on kosher certification. We hope to finalize it before the end of 2010.

11. Can you make a sugar free product?

We have been doing some testing on a low sugar/sugar free type product. We are still working on a final recipe. We would like to introduce this product in 2011.